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Philippines Fam Feb 2009

2010 - 2011 Fam & Intern Programs

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Fam Definition: Familiarization in wedding context, where you get familiar with a venue or area. Usually reserved for travel agents and now being offered to destination wedding professionals. Invites normally go to Wedding Planners, Photographers, Videographers & Gown Designers. We either bring models and make-up people or we use the participants. If you are not willing to assist, please do not request the trip. The team is usually comprised of professionals from many different areas of North America. They do not usually allow for spouses. Extra advantages, get to network with others you would not normally meet. Size of group is dependent upon the inviters, usually 20 - 30 professionals.

Requirements needed to go:
1)Current member of Afwpi
2)Marketing plan - How you will promote the property or area. (Bridal Show, Web Site, Magazine, etc.)
3) Valid Passport (minimum 6 months before expiration.)
4)Experience in that destination is always a plus

Additional information about fams -
I strongly believe that you should not accept an invitation to a FAM trip unless you truly have an interest in bringing weddings or other
events to that area or property.  Destinations and hotel properties spend a great deal of time and money putting these trips together in order to drive business to their locations.  They realize the value of allowing a destination professioal to experience thea destination first hand and as planners, should respect and appreciate this opportunity.  It is about partnership and bringing value to one another.  If you only attend for the free trip,  then you are not holding up your end of the bargain. Hence the request for what marketing you will do to promote the area.

Some fees not usually included are air fares, departure taxes, tips, souvenirs etc.  In most cases you can expect to share a room with another planner. Rarely are spouses invited.

Intern information:- Assisting a company with their marketing, events etc. We are working on securing international locations. 

Requirements needed to participate
1) Will travel on their own.   You can expect room & board and the opportunity to learn how weddings are done in that country/area.
2) Can speak the language. 
3) Agree to the time frame (3-6 weeks)

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Length of Stay

whats included



If you wish to be invited on a fam, please click which one. Add your marketing information and a photo. Planners Register

Philippines A

Philippines ABC

November 20-27, 2009
November 2010 & February 2011

7 Nights
7 Nights

All from West Coast



Riveria Maya, Mexico     A Register

December 2-5, 2009
September 27 - Oct 1st 2010

3 Nights

Hotel, Food &AT



Virgin Islands   A:  

Late 2010

4 Nights

Hotel, Food &AT

Cancun       B Photogs Register

September 26 & 27, 2010 Date to be confirmed yet!

 only 28 photogs will be selected

3 Nights


Kuala Lumpur - Malay A

Working on early August

5 Nights

Hotel & Food

Tobago Fam    A:

October 13 - 16, 2010

3 nights

Awaiting Confirmation

Puerto Vallarta

Sept 27-Oct 1st 2010

3 Nights

Hotel , most food


Oct 3-7 2010

4 Nights

Hotel , most food, some transfers

Grenada A, B


3 Nights

Hotel , most food

Interns Please      Register



Show Promoters, if you are interested in hosting an exhibitor from another country please email