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Brides - To find the "perfect team" for your wedding will take some time. You will want to hire them by standards you can count on and that is do you like them, are they in your budget and are they available. You will be spending much of your wedding day with them.
 This page and others are great for developing ideas and a style. You will need all 3 mediums to find your team, Bridal Shows, Wedding Publications and the Internet. Always remember to ask the professionals you hire which associations they are members of. The point you will into consideration is that they care enough about their business and industry to always want to improve. Equipment and styles change, you should have that choice. I do suggest that you follow up with the associations to ensure that they are indeed current members.

 We have added a link to the wedding associations so you may easily verify the claims. Should they not be on this list check this Assn Page in our members Directory. Our members will follow our Code of Ethics.

 I have tried to organize this directory for easy searching. Should you still be in need of a professional in a certain area, please Email us for assistance.

We suggest looking on these web sites for other wedding professionals:
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Visual Impact Design - Unique wedding flowers1. Visual Impact Design - Unique wedding flowers
Visual Impact Design - Unique Sacramento Florist specializing in Flowers for Weddings, Corporate Events, & Theme Parties. Floral Wedding Designs include Bridal Bouquets, Church Ceremony, Reception Decor. Perfection and ultimate Service, whatever your Budget

2. Unique Floral Expressions
Let us make your special day a unique moment in time!

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