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 Welcome to the Radisson Hotel Bridal Expo.

On this page you will find the list of exhibitors for February 2009. They are listed in 3 ways:

 1) In Alpha order by company

2) In Category Order so you may find what you need more easily.

 3) In Booth order

The exhibitors in Red have reserved space for the February 23-24, 2008 Expo.

 A hard fact. there are only 52 Saturdays in a year. With 78% of all weddings occuring on a Saturday you will need to book your prefered wedding professionals early. A new statistic just came out, the average wedding is taking longer to plan. So, start early. I suggest that if you are planning a wedding anytime prior to July, 2009 that you make appointments with the exhibitors to meet at the Expo. You can email them to see who is available for your wedding date. Click for the information on how to "Shop the Show"

Special Notice, September 9, 2009 (09/09/09) & October 10th, 2010 (10/10/10) will be very popular wedding dates. If you are looking for these dates you may need to alter where you will marry. If you need assistance in locating a wedding location for either or these dates, email me and we can assist you.My Email Watch for the updates


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