Introducing AFWPi Greenstuff

Earn this AfWPi currency and use it in place of cash to purchase AfWPi services.

How to get it

You can earn Greenstuff by contributing to the Association in one of several ways, here's how:

Earn 30 Afwpi greenstuff by recruiting a new member of AfWPi. ( You must be a current AfWPi member in good standing. Renewing members are not considered new recruits. )

Earn 20 Afwpi greenstuff by working registration at one AfWPi mixer.

Earn 20 Afwpi greenstuff by chairing an AfWPi Committee.

Earn 5 Afwpi greenstuff as an Ambassador at AfWPi mixers. It is 5 greenstuff dollars per attended mixer.

Where to use it

You can redeem AFWPi greenstuff for any of the following in a dollar to greenstuff dollar ratio for any of the following:

Mixer Admission
1\2 off the total cost of Recognition Dinner
1\2 off the total cost of annual or regional conferences
Membership Renewals
1\2 off the total cost of AfWPi seminars
1\2 off the total cost of Christmas Party
Directory Ads
Web site enhancements like, Bold listings, Logos, Pictures & Banners

Sorry, Greenstuff is not redeemable for any other currency and can only be used by current members.

If you are not receiving Afwpi newsletter, please join in!

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