Catering Tips


~ Work with your caterer to stretch your wedding menu budget. Arrange to have less expensive food stations, such as pasta stations, during your cocktail hour. And get creative with the entrees. Caterers suggest that you 'design' alternative entrees: try three pieces of grilled jumbo shrimp with three medallions of beef. This type of combo-plate offers a more impressive selection of foods with great presentation. Don't limit yourself to established menus, and choose sea foods that are in season.

~ Don't go crazy with the cocktail hour food offerings. Too many couples provide the equivalent of an eight-course meal before the guests are even seated for dinner. Limit your choices for this pre-dinner event, and your guests will wonder what great entrees await them at the dinner. Sometimes, too many dishes actually overwhelm the guests, and a lot of money is wasted when they're all too full to eat their meals and desserts.

~ Choose butler passed hors d'oeuvres over buffet style. Caterers agree that serving shrimp cocktail is less expensive when the waiters offer it on a platter. Guests consume less, and the caterer can control portion sizes better this way. Plus, the tuxedoed servers make your event look more elegant.

~ Eliminate a course. Instead of having a salad course, choose to have some
greens presented on the plate with the entrée.


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