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Last updated 05/26/2012

Weddings in the US-in 2009 2,077,000-- in 2008 2,162,000 -- in 2007 2,197,000--in 2006 2,160,000 (CDC) spending approximately $86 Billion Number and amounts for 2009 not available yet. This does not count the honeymoon or new household items! The number of weddings for this period Dropped by over 60,000 from the 2004-2005 season. Some of the drop was caused by not getting the 2006 stats for Louisana. If you wish to include all the items a bride will purchase 6 months prior to 6 months after her wedding the total would exceed the 120 Billion dollar mark

The number 1 month for Weddings in the US is July!

Over 9,000,000 weddings in China per year with an average $19,900 per wedding! Stats from China News Agency 2006

Over 118,000 marriages were registered in Australia during 2008. This is an increase of 2.1% in registered marriages. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

714,000 Japanese brides spend an average of $70,000 per wedding Stats from Census of Japan 2005. From an article in the Pacific Daily News Jan 1, 2008 (A Guam Newspaper) 25% of Japans' brides marry in Guam saving more then 60% from what the wedding would cost in Japan!! - 1,000,000 brides in Canada, no figure on worth yet. Number of weddings in the world is estimated at 115,000 per day!

Guesstimated number of weddings in the world is 40 Million with Asia (China, Malaysia, Indonesia & India) Having the most.

Number 1 City in the world is Las Vegas, Nv with 92,000 (Down 9,000 from 2008) weddings.
Number 2 wedding city in the world is Istanbul Turkey with 92,000 for the year.
Number 3 City (2 in the US) is Gatlinburg, Tn with 42,000 weddings.
Number 4 City (3rd in the US) is New Orleans, La with 36,545 Marriages in 2002. "Due to hurricane Katrina New Orleans will not match this number for a few years."
Can you guess the 5th most popular city?

If you are looking to determine the number of brides in a specific area and you do not have the time to locate the county or city clerks office to get that information. About .007% of the population will wed in any specific area during a years time frame.

Average number of guests that are being invited to a wedding is now 145 (down 12 from 2008) This number was taken from 2,089 brides that registered on our website and gave us the number of expected guests..

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 We would love to assist you with your business plans but are limited by time and finance. Our membership fees are very reasonable and should be considered marketing research. For benefits and application go to For members needing stats to complete a business plan  Email  Do know we will assist wherever we can. 

 Information to locate stats on your own. Most weddings are local, so look for information pertaining to your area.  For the number of weddings in any specific area call the County Clerks office in that county. If you are planning on being a consultant, photographer and the like you will be limited to the number of weddings you will be able to do on any specific day. Take that into account when formulating your plans. Be sure to add a substantial amount for marketing, brides are a very small perchantage of the population.

Destination wedding will continue to rise as wedding costs escalate. The better valued areas will be the Caribbean & Mexico. While Europe is a fantastic location the Euro to the Dollar will slow this area.


Number of weddings in the US for 2005 and 2006 by month
2007                                                                2008

January - 115,000

January - 132,000

February - 136,000

February - 136,000

March - 161,000

March - 141,000

April - 170,000

April - 159,000

May - 203,000

May - 176,000

June - 242,000

June - 218,000

July - 252,000

July - 233,000

August - 218,000

August - 225,000

September - 214,000

September - 213,000

October - 193,000

October - 206,000

November - 139,000

November - 146,000

December - 145,000

December - 161,000

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